What is the Confraternity of St Peter?

It is a society which gathers those who feel close to the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter and who wish to support its charism through prayers and sacrifices.

Thus the Confraternity contributes to the service of the Church, through supporting numerous vocations, the sanctification of priests and their pastoral endeavours.

What does a member of the Confraternity of St Peter do?

Members commit themselves to:

Every Day:

  • Pray one decade of the Holy Rosary for the sanctification of our priests and for our priestly vocations
  • Recite the Prayer of the Confraternity

Every Year:

  • Have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered once for these intentions. 

What spiritual benefit do members receive from the Confraternity?

Their commitments place the members among our most faithful benefactors, and as such, among the particular recipients of our priests’ and seminarians’ daily prayers. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered each month for the members of the Confraternity in each area. Recollections and instructions in the faith are also foreseen.

How does one become a member?

  1. Complete the enrolment form and return by email to confraternity@fssp.net.
  2. The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter will send to you, in return, the certificate of membership. The commitments take effect with the reception of the certificate.
  3. Members must be at least 14 years old.
  4. Membership is purely spiritual and does not confer any rights or duties other than the spiritual support in prayer and charity in accord with the commitments described above.
  5. By themselves the commitments do not bind under penalty of sin.
  6. Membership and the commitments which follow it are tacitly renewed each year on the feast of the Chair of St Peter (February 22), unless expressly determined otherwise.

How does one receive news about the Confraternity?

The bulletins and websites of the districts or of the local FSSP houses will provide news about the Confraternity.

Contact us via confraternity@fssp.net





(To be said by members of the Confraternity of St Peter)

Following a decade of the Rosary:

V. Remember, O Lord, Thy congregation.
R. Which Thou hast possessed from the beginning.

Let us pray.
O Lord Jesus, born to give testimony to the Truth, Thou who lovest unto the end those whom Thou hadst chosen, kindly hear our prayers for our pastors. Thou who knowest all things, knowest that they love Thee and can do all things in Thee who strengthen them.

Sanctify them in Truth. Pour into them, we beseech Thee, the Spirit whom Thou didst give to Thy apostles, who would make them, in all things, like unto Thee.

Receive the homage of love which they offer up to Thee, who hast graciously received the threefold confession of Peter.

And so that a pure oblation may everywhere be offered without ceasing unto the Most Holy Trinity, graciously enrich their number and keep them in Thy love, who art one with the Father and the Holy Ghost, to whom be glory and honour forever. Amen.

[Nihil obstat: Vic. Gen. FSSP, 05.II.2007]




+ Benedictus sit Deus +
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