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Please pray for our New Zealand seminarian, Daniel Mould, who received Subdeaconate on 11 February and Deaconate on 25 March. God willing, Daniel will be ordained a priest mid next year.

On 19 November, two of our fourth-year seminarians, Brendan Boyce and Thomas Sofatzis, received the minor orders of Exorcist and Acolyte. Roger Gilbride has now transferred to our European seminary in Bavaria and will also be receiving these minor orders. These three seminarians are now half-way through their seven years of seminary studies.

Photos of the Minor Orders can be found here.

On 22 October, our three second-year seminarians, Michael Mordeno, Alfred Lin and Noel Soares, received the rite of tonsure and were publicly vested with the cassock. They are currently in their first year of philosophy studies.

The Lenten edition of the Ezechiel House newsletter, with updates on the progress of our seminarians can be found here

For other news and annoucements, please refer to the websites of our various apostolates in the region: Houses and Mass Times.


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Fraternity priests offer the traditional Latin Mass daily (Roman Missal of 1962), and provide wide-ranging pastoral care for the faithful centred upon the traditional prayers and sacramental forms loved by Saints and so highly prized by the Church.

The Fraternity is a Society of Apostolic Life of Pontifical right, founded in 1988 with the approval of Pope Saint John Paul II. At present the Fraternity has two major seminaries, and our own Australian Ezechiel House Novitiate, housing more than 120 seminarians, with 200 priests working in a dozen countries.

The Fraternity came to Australia in March 2000 and has so far been invited by the bishops to work in their dioceses of: Sydney, Parramatta, Canberra and Adelaide.

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